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Anouk: Moments Collection

Let Anouk tell you about the inspiration of their latest collection, The Moments. The collection features four unique scents, perfect for any occasion or situation.

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In the bustling metropolis, a better life does not mean an even more glamorous city or pompous life. Real happiness comes from the little things each day, which are often overlooked.

Scents associate with feelings, and together with emotions and memories, they are interconnected and reside in our brains. Scents can faithfully reminisce the precious moments in the past. We want to capture these good memories in the scented candles, collect the happiness and let it grow.

Sipping an elegant white tea in the sunshine, warm floral breeze brushes against. Tranquil and carefree... What a blissful day!

Moving forward with the dreams on the path in sunshine. Dreams, don’t just follow them, chase them.
Spicy, it will be a memorable scent of today’s sedulousness, and gives a zest and contentment for life.

Strolling after rain, it’s cool, refreshing, clean and earthy. It washed out the bad moods, embrace sunbeams to come.

Brewing a cup of refreshing green tea; listening to the rhythm of raindrops; reading the journey of my life.
Amid the elegant aroma and bracing air, gradually, I lost in meditation – refining my dream path.


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Anouk: Scents of City Life

Anouk is dedicated to being a premier lifestyle brand in Hong Kong, specializing in home fragrance and body care products. The Anouk team is passionate about perfectly matching scents with local living to create a better city life through bringing sensory pleasures.

The scent is an art that beautifully integrates into our daily living to enhance life enjoyment. Scent X Quality X Efficacy are key design principles of Anouk’s products. Anouk sources premium natural ingredients from around the globe to give the best to its customers.

Anouk is an attitude of living. Each product is exquisitely crafted to scent up every moment with sensational personal touch. It is tailored for you who treasure every little good thing of live, appreciate quality of life and embrace your individuality.


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Swedish’s: Handmade Heaven

Swedish’s Handmade Bodycare is a brand of all handmade beauty products, made by Rebecka Lundin, with love and care for your Body and Soul.

As more and more people are getting aware of the benefits of eating Organic food today, we also need to rise the awareness of all the toxins we are eating daily through our skin.

The idea with Swedish’s Handmade Bodycare is, that the only things you are putting on your body are just really good oils.

Therefore all the products are freshly made, without any chemicals and preservatives.



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Graziani: The All-Natural Mosquito Repellent

Noble Services Group has found the perfect alternative to repellent sprays: Graziani’s 100% Natural Mosquito repellent candles handmade in Tuscany. With over 200 years of candle-making experience, Graziani combines a fresh scent with citronella to create the perfect all-natural insect repellent.

These candles come in handcrafted terracotta pots, created for both indoor and outdoor use—and perfect for the humid summer months in Hong Kong!

We know you want to get your hands on this fast—check out to find out more about this unique product! 


Behind the Brand: LifeProject's Nishant Kapoor

Anyone who lives in Hong Kong can attest to the inconvenience of shopping for specialty products--whether it be paleo snacks or organic dog food. Nishant Kapoor, founder of Life Project, realized just how important access and convenience was to the conscious urban consumer. 



What is LifeProject? 
Life Project operates a family of family focused e-commerce websites in Hong Kong, such as PetProject.HK, an online store for pet food and supplies, LifeProject.HK, a natural/ organic grocery store, LifeProject.HK and Toddler.HK, a site for baby and children due to be launched in 2015. 

What inspired you to start LifeProject? .......


Life Project: Setting the Standard

Taking good care of yourself can be an incredible struggle when you don’t have access to the right options. That’s why we love Life Project: not only does Life Project spare you the hassle of scouring the city for all-natural products, but gives you the best deal you’ll find anywhere online.

The team began with Pet Project, an e-commerce website aimed to provide comprehensive solutions for pet care. From there, the team launched Life Project and their vision was clear: to make it easy to find the healthy products you need for a better life from the inside out.  From Pet Project, to Life Project, to the upcoming launch of—we can safely say that the Life Project team is changing the way we ought to live.

Life Project has the best online selection of all natural, gluten-free and paleo products delivered right to your doorstep. So, whether you’re looking chia seeds, green cleaning products or natural hair dyes—Life Project has you covered.

Head on over to Life Project and see their wide selection of low-carb snacks. I’m getting hungry just from scrolling through…

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