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The creative behind mimehome is Jemima Callaghan, an Australian born textile designer, who previously worked in the screen printing business and as a bedlinen product developer. She started mime home in 2014 after a move to Hong Kong that inspired her own range of textiles.  All of the products are lovingly hand dyed or hand printed by mime. They use natural dyes and pigments and use linen for its long lasting durability and it ability to age gracefully overtime, just like your best pair of jeans.


“When mimehome. started we were living in a small apartment and you could often find me working on new designs or cutting stencils at my dining table and painting in the kitchen or on the floor.  Sometimes if the weather was fine, I would head outside to the grassy park below our flat and lay out the fabric to paint. Since then we have moved to an apartment with a roof top. This has allowed me to add in new elements to my range, like hand dyeing. My simplified designs and use of limited colors really come from the limitations and constraints of the space we have in Hong Kong. This theme of cleansing and simplifying life is evident in the process and end results of my designs.”

Check out mimehome online at http://www.mimehome.com

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