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Let Anouk tell you about the inspiration of their latest collection, The Moments. The collection features four unique scents, perfect for any occasion or situation.

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In the bustling metropolis, a better life does not mean an even more glamorous city or pompous life. Real happiness comes from the little things each day, which are often overlooked.

Scents associate with feelings, and together with emotions and memories, they are interconnected and reside in our brains. Scents can faithfully reminisce the precious moments in the past. We want to capture these good memories in the scented candles, collect the happiness and let it grow.

Sipping an elegant white tea in the sunshine, warm floral breeze brushes against. Tranquil and carefree... What a blissful day!

Moving forward with the dreams on the path in sunshine. Dreams, don’t just follow them, chase them.
Spicy, it will be a memorable scent of today’s sedulousness, and gives a zest and contentment for life.

Strolling after rain, it’s cool, refreshing, clean and earthy. It washed out the bad moods, embrace sunbeams to come.

Brewing a cup of refreshing green tea; listening to the rhythm of raindrops; reading the journey of my life.
Amid the elegant aroma and bracing air, gradually, I lost in meditation – refining my dream path.


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