Introducing Garosu's Tammie Tsang

Today, we're introducing Tammie Tsang from Garosu. Keep reading to find out her views on modern women, Hong Kong and her favorite things!



Tammie from Garosu

What is Garosu? Garosu is a boutique jewelry design house born in Hong Kong with an international spirit.  Modern day women lead very busy lives, often playing multiple roles, so we wanted to create jewelry that is elegant enough to step into an office or fine dining yet contemporary and edgy enough to preserve a sense of their personality. 

We also recognise women wouldn’t have time for nonsense so we’ve chosen stainless steel as our base material, which is water-resistant, non-corrosive and hypoallergenic. 

What inspired you to start Garosu? I was at crossroads career wise in 2013 and needed to reignite my passion – I’m a I-don’t-do-anything-halfway kind of person – and I found myself in Seoul once again shopping for jewelry and that’s where the idea of turning my interest into a business popped.

How would you describe the Garosu woman? Independent, Unapologetic, with a refined edge. 

What was the biggest challenge in starting a jewelry brand? I’ve always dived head first into everything I do.  And I think starting something new always takes a lot more humility than I expect.  Starting Garosu was the same, it was a real internal challenge to accept that I can’t be good at everything from the get-go.  And this is where I really learned the value of being armed with the amazing people around me.   

Your most-worn piece of jewelry? Our Orbit Classic necklace in matte silver. I’ve worn it almost everyday for the last 8 months since I got the first piece as production sample.   

How has the accessories industry changed since you’ve been in it? I think there’s been a strong shift in focus from people wearing a brand that reflect their status to choosing and wearing brands that reflect a part of them, their personality, their values, but yet accessible.  I think this has been happening for some time and is wider than the accessories industry.  Consumers are looking for more intelligence from designers. It’s great, keeps us on our toes.   

Tell me one thing about your brand that most people don’t know about. Our name, Garosu, hails from Garosu-Gil in Seoul.  I have loved this gingko-lined Soho-esque street ever since the first time a business friend took me there.  This was my favourite place to shop for jewelry for many years and Garosu-Gil gave me the inspiration to start my own business at a time when I really needed it.


Tammie on Hong Kong

Five words you’d use to describe the design culture in HK. Ecletic, East-meets-West, Ambitious, Evolutionary, Clever

What makes Hong Kong unique? The juxtaposition of it’s deep deep Chinese roots and yet an ultra modern cosmopolitan.  Areas like Tai Ping Shan Street is my utmost Hong Kong cool with unique boutiques, tiny cafes and old Chinese shops (like the ones that sells coffins!).  

What is something you want to see more of in Hong Kong? Environmental efforts and transparency in governing is a must, in my opinion.  I think more trust and support is equally important for growth in our society.  Imagine if every person, every business, every politician start out with the intention to support, and trust they will get the same back, how different could things be?? But that, would be truly living dangerously. 


More about Tammie

Tell me about your greatest influence in life. ALL of the mistakes I’ve made so far, and more to come I’m sure!  As my partner would say, our cat has to venture outside in order to learn the safe route home. (Background: he’s fallen 14floors out the window in his younger days and he’s still purring away now.)

One food you could eat for the rest of your life. Soup.  I know it’s not very interesting but there is nothing more comforting and comes in such variety.

Your biggest fear in life. My own fear and the control it ‘could’ (and sometimes does) have on me.  

The perfect day for you would be… It should be something relevant to Garosu, BUT, if I was to be honest, it’s the days on our boat with my family with nothing but sheer content on the to-do list.

One piece of advice for small business owners. Well I’m still a small business owner.  But I would say #1, Listen to customers.  Also don’t try to be perfect, just do your best to live by your heart and your conscience, take time, dig deep and make the best decisions you can.

One takeaway from being a part of Hong Kong Markets Organisation. Most of the markets we have participated in were organized by HKMO.  I love this market culture that is now in Hong Kong and very proud to be a part of it.

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