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K11 Obsession Summer Art Karnival


Your wardrobe is calling for a summer refresh. And if you wanna save time from travelling to a few places to get all you need – tops, dresses, accessories, you name it – K11 Obsession Summer Art Karnival is the place, cause we got you ten vendors in one place and each week there's a different line up of vendors.

Time: 11 am - 9 pm  |  Date: 18 Jul - 30 Aug (Every weekends)  |  Venue: K11 B1, Tsim Sha Tsui





Stall Position: A1 (1-2 Aug)

Designated Market Dates: 18 Jul - 30 Aug

One accessory makes the whole difference of your outfit. Get your style and personality out with the delicate pieces of the Poppis Collections.

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2NU Sunglasses

Stall Position: A2 (1-2 Aug)

Designated Market Dates: 18-19 Jul; 1-2, 15-16, 29-30 Aug

One pair of nice shades made a whole lot of difference to your summertime outdoor fun time.

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Stall Position: A3 (1-2 Aug)

Designated Market Dates: 18 Jul – 30 Aug (Every weekends)

Handmade leather products do not always need to be plain. meemel pops some colours on her crafts and that works well.

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Marco Visconti

Stall Position: A4 (1-2 Aug)

Designated Market Dates: 18 Jul – 30 Aug (Every weekends)

First started in Germany, then reinvented and headquarted in Hong Kong, Marco Visconti is all about evolving with age to make the timeless pieces with traditional methods, new techniques and innovative materials.

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Stall Position: A5 (1-2 Aug)

Designated Market Dates: 18 Jul – 30 Aug (Every weekends)

Jeans – how can we live without them? Sometimes you just feel like you should own one more pair – or several – even though you’ve already got a few in your wardrobe. How can we help? They come in all kinds of cuttings and colours, and there are oh so comfy!

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The Layers

Stall Position: A6 (1-2 Aug)

Designated Market Dates: 18 Jul - 30 Aug (Every weekend)

The fashion world never gets tired of layering. And why not? With the clothing of The Layers, it's gonna be fun!

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Stall Position: A7 (1-2 Aug)

Designated Market Dates: 18 Jul - 30 Aug (Every weekend)

RBRK is devoted to handbag crafting – as devoted as we are buying them – and the sister brand KLetters have their focus on tees and bags. Inspired by the dynamic and energetic atmosphere of Hong Kong and New York, you can expect an elegant mix of the east and the west.

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Royal Vintage x Zemoo

Stall Position: A9 (1-2 Aug)

Designated Market Dates: 18-19 Jul; 1-2, 15-16, 29-30 Aug

Collected from around the world, every pre-owned single antique in great condition piece carries a story behind. Buy a story and own a beauty – or vice versa.

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Colour Freak Studio 

Stall Position: A10 

Designated Market Dates: 1-2 Aug

Get your summer in full bloom with Colour Freak Studio’s handmade floral accessories. And maybe also pair it with their handpicked vintage clothing collected from every corner of the world?

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The Gal Who Sold Tora 

Stall Position: A5 (25-26 Jul)

Designated Market Dates: 25-26 Jul

What you may think is the imperfection is where the real perfection lies. Making use of baroque pearls, rough gems and sparkling Swarovski crystals, the pieces by The Gal Who Sold Tora are the rare ones that you can admire the natural beauty of pearls and gems.

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Stall Position: B3 (18-19 Jul); B4 (25-26 Jul)

Designated Market Dates: 18-19, 25-26 Jul

One simple tee; a piece of culture and belief at the behind. You’re what you wear – well defined.

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Sonniewing Handmade Leather 

Stall Position: B5 (25-26 Jul)

Designated Market Dates: 25-26 Jul; 15-16 Aug

Sometimes it’s the most basic graphic elements that can inspire one of the most creative and timeless work. Point, line and plane develop into geometric – the like of triangle, rhombus and hexagon – and then into the colourful, chic hand stitched leather bags and accessories, each in a limited quantity.

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Blind by JW 

Stall Position: B5 (18-19 Jul)

Designated Market Dates: 18-19 Jul; 8-9 Aug

With their hand drawn prints, their pieces are a reflection of an enchanted fairy-tale wonderland.


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Bu La Store

Stall Position: t.b.c.

Designated Market Dates: 8-9 Aug

Bu La Store is an authorised retailer of Dogeared Jewels & Gifts from the US and 4xtyle from Korea. Talk about less is more.

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Arashilaam Timetoplayounger 

Stall Position: t.b.c.

Designated Market Dates: 15-16 Aug

Okay, so you got a new bag, how about the things in your bag? Give them a stylish makeover with Arashilaam Timetoplayounger leather-and-fabric card holders and passport holders.

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esther smile 

Stall Position: t.b.c.

Designated Market Dates: 22-23 Aug

All accessories are original designs hand crafted by Esther Wong, an experienced graphic and fashion designer specializing in accessories. 

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Evoke 90’s Vintage 

Stall Position: t.b.c.

Designated Market Dates: 22-23 Aug

Their design ideas originate from explorations tools and natural resources and with their belief in the vintage concept, Imperfections are uniqueness and is what make a product beautiful.


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Stall Position: t.b.c.

Designated Market Dates: 22-30 Aug

Having spent over a decade in the fashion trade industry, Peung can definitely handpick the best quality Jewellery from mainly Korea and Thailand. 

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Noon Shadow Swimwear 

Stall Position: A4 (25-26 Jul)

Designated Market Dates: 25-26 Jul

Using high quality UPF 50+ fabric, Noon Shadow Swimwear doesn’t only give your kid a unique style but the best protection from the sun’s UV rays.

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