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Hong Kong Markets Organisation

Hong Kong Markets Organisation is a social enterprise committed to promoting the best of Hong Kong, be it fresh produce grown by Hong Kong’s most dedicated organic farmers, handcrafted goods made by local artisans, independent designs or the best local brands and bands. We seek to educate and inspire with quality products, and allow people to rediscover the joy in market-going. HKMO is an independent organisation and is neither a government project nor a subsidy of a charity.

The best ways to keep up to date are via our Facebook Page and e-newsletter. Find out more about us, our featured vendors, what’s new in the Markets, how to get here and more. Hong Kong Markets – Know how to live.


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Each weekend, HKMO brings together communities made up of both local and international vendors and visitors to our selected locations throughout Hong Kong.


All markets consist of a variety of vendors, seasonal themes and concepts. Visitors are free to enjoy unique shopping, workshops & activities, good food & drinks, and family-fun.


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Show your support and enjoy a day out this weekend with your family and friends! Check out our events page to see what's new or to see which markets are currently on! For more details see Market Info or visit our social media links on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Our markets are a collaboration of various independent brands and vendors located in Hong Kong.